About the dictionary

The biggest English-Polish and Polish-English dictionary, awarded the European Business Centre Club Medal, now available online on financially favourable conditions, and inside:

  • 1 000 000 English and Polish lexical items meanings, words, typical word collocations, phrases and idioms;
  • many specialistic terms from more than 100 different disciplines, such as trade, economics, insurance, ecology, communication, advertising, management, pharmacology, transportation, psychology, sociology;
  • words stylistically and emotionally toned, from official and literary, through humorous and metaphorical, to offensive and slang;
  • British and American pronunciation;
  • precise translations, specified by so called directives of choise (typical subjects and objects;
  • division of English equivalents on the basis of their use (British, American, Australian and Canadian version of language);
  • very rich example material, sources of which were texts of modern English language (British National Corpus) and Polish language (Polish Language Corpus PWN);
  • phrasal verbs as a separate expanded sub-entries;
  • many typographically singled out phrases and proverbs.